There are a plethora of blogger networks out there – fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle bloggers are all very well catered for. But as Outdoor Bloggers we tend to do our own thing and organise our own adventures as individuals or groups of friends. Jenni from The Thrifty Magpies Nest and Zoe from Splodz Blogz want to give Outdoor Bloggers the chance to meet other like-minded bloggers and share our passion for the outdoors. If you are a blogger who loves the outdoors then this group is for you.

Whether you are a professional blogger or a hobby blogger, it doesn’t matter, everyone is welcome. Just as long as you are a blogger who writes about the outdoors; walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, running, adventure, camping, surfing, exploring, travel, farming, sustainable living, the environment, scouting, and anything else you can think of. If you blog about anything outdoors related then you should get involved.


We started Outdoor Bloggers as a way to meet bloggers just like us, expand our social network and create opportunities for future activities. Find out more about us on our own blogs, both of which feature the outdoors a lot!


Jenni is a Yorkshire lass blogging about life in the woods and her passion for nature and the outdoors. She loves hiking in the hills, watching birds and collecting skulls. Her blog is full of money saving tips and adventure trips.




Zoe believes that life is all about the journey – we have to make the most of the travelling. Trying new things is a sure way to making memories that last a lifetime. Splodz Blogz aims to demonstrate that life is all about the journey by encouraging readers to try new things. I focus mainly on the outdoors, travel, adventure, and having fun experiences at home and away.


We run Outdoor Bloggers in our spare time alongside our full-time jobs and our personal blogs. Membership of Outdoor Bloggers is totally free as we want to bring together as many like-minded people from the blogosphere as possible. 

We rely on donations and money from our own pockets to pay for any costs we incur for running Outdoor Bloggers. If you are an Outdoor Bloggers member, a brand or just someone who enjoys reading about what our members get up to, it would be wonderful if you could donate a pound or two to help cover our costs.