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Time for another one of our member profiles here on the Outdoor Bloggers blog. We ask one of our members the same set of questions so we can get to know them a little better. Today we have some words from Zoe over at Splodz Blogz, who is one half of the Outdoor Bloggers organising team… 


Name | Zoe

Blog | Splodz Blogz

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Where in the world are you answering these questions?

I am sat at my kitchen table typing away on my iPad whilst watching random videos on YouTube. We’ve had dinner and I’ve got a cup of tea and I’m supposed to be blogging but I thought I’d do this first.

Describe your blog in one sentence.

Splodz Blogz is my little corner of the internet where I write about my bucket list, getting outdoors, and going travelling and having little adventures in between the day job.


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What sparked your love of the outdoors?

I blame my parents and our Sunday afternoon walks – normally up a hill to see what is on the other side. And my granddad for taking me to the seaside to check the sea is still there. I’m sure I moaned a lot about being outside in all weathers when I was seven (eight, nine, etc.), but I couldn’t wish for a better childhood now and I am so grateful for all that time outdoors my family encouraged me to have, because it’s definitely helped me in adulthood.

What is your favourite thing to do outdoors?

I just love to be outside – whether it’s hiking, cycling, motorcycling, skiing, or just sitting looking at the view, I enjoy just being in the fresh air. I would say my absolute favourite is hiking, though. It doesn’t have to be far, but I love to lace up my boots, put on a beanie hat, and head out into the countryside to explore on foot. Failing that, sitting with a cone of chips by the seaside makes me a very happy lady!

If you could see the sunset from one place in the world where would you go and why?

Any sunset over the sea is good for me. We watched the sunset over the Pacific at Ocean Shores, Oregon this summer, and it was truly spectacular.





What is your favourite meal to eat after a day spent outside?

I love my food and will generally pick something hearty like pie and mash or a roast. There is something just wonderful about coming in from the cold and tucking into a cottage pie with extra gravy. Actually, that’s what we had this evening – and it was goooood!

Tell us about a recent outdoors adventure you enjoyed.

A year ago is recent isn’t it?! It’s just that the Lyke Wake Walk is an adventure that really sticks in my mind. It was tough but so enjoyable for a number of reasons. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s a 40 mile crossing of the North Yorkshire Moors on foot, that I completed last October with hike-loving friends Jenni and Allysse. I blogged about it here if you’d like to have a read.

What has been your biggest outdoors adventure to date?

I have been super fortunate this year to have spent just over ten weeks exploring North America on my motorbike. My husband and I took some unpaid leave from work and flew our own motorbikes across the pond and rode nearly 11,000 miles through Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Alberta and British Columbia.


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It might not be what comes to your mind when you think “outdoors adventure”, but it truly was; we spent most of our time without a roof above our heads, exploring and learning (and eating) our way around the West of America. We did think we would do something like this when we retired, but realised that sometimes you just can’t wait because, well, you might end up waiting too long. Morbid, perhaps, but true. I have blogged about it (catch up with all my posts here) and there are some videos to come in the New Year.

Tell us something about you that’s not related to the outdoors… if you can!

I have an absolutely massive bucket list (and some of the things on it are indoors…) that started off as my “things to do before I’m 30” list and is now something of an untameable list.  It’s become something of my thing, I love nothing more than choosing something and working to tick it off. One thing I find a little strange but also totally brilliant, is how family and friends refer to it when buying me presents; at the moment I have vouchers for axe throwing and driving a couple of stunning sports cars sat waiting to be redeemed. I’m always looking for new ideas (indoors and outdoors), so please drop me a line if there’s something you think I simply must do!!


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Zoe believes that life is all about the journey – we have to make the most of the travelling. Trying new things is a sure way to making memories that last a lifetime. Splodz Blogz aims to demonstrate that life is all about the journey by encouraging readers to try new things. I focus mainly on the outdoors, travel, adventure, and having fun experiences at home and away.

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