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Name | Sarah Irving

Blog | The Urban Wanderer

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The Urban Wanderer

Where in the world are you answering these questions?

From my studio at home in the East of Manchester, UK

Describe your blog in one sentence.

Inspiring outside adventures in Manchester, North West and beyond wherever you may be

What sparked your love of the outdoors? 

I have always loved spending time outdoors since I was a tiny child.  While my family would be cosied up in the house, I would be out in the middle of winter togged up collecting pears or standing in puddles with my brolly. I then experienced all sorts of outdoor adventure with the Guides and I think in later life, my curiosity and passion for learning and seeing new things has fueled the passion.

The Urban Wanderer

What is your favourite thing to do outdoors? 

Oooh, that’s a tough one!  I love walking, hiking and exploring wherever I can – whether that is the city, the countryside or the suburbs.  But I also LOVE camping too – can I sneak that one it as it is only little?

If you could see the sunset from one place in the world where would you go and why?

I think it would have to be somewhere off the coast of Wales.  We were recently in Uwchmynydd near Aberdaron and had the opportunity to watch the sun setting behind Bardsey Island from the Welsh Coastal Path.  Certainly one of my favourite places by far!

What is your favourite meal to eat after a day spent outside?

If I have been outside all day then I am likely to have put on the slow cooker for something easy to eat when we get home.  So thinking of that I reckon it would have to be my vegan King Pao “chicken” as it is packed with flavour and all I would have to do on getting back would be cook up some rice and enjoy.

The Urban Wanderer

Tell us about a recent outdoors adventure you enjoyed.

I was lucky enough to recently take a trip to the Bay Area of California which meant that I got to do lots of urban hiking on my own and explore lots of the Bay Trail (among many others) I also got to spend a lovely morning in Los Gatos at the Vasona Lake County Park which was definitely a highlight. On this side of the pond though, I really love the Pwhelli peninsular of Wales and exploring the Coastal Paths, tiny villages and meandering waterfalls and brooks – we (e and my other half, Jit) spend quite a bit of time in North Wales on mini adventures.

What has been your biggest outdoors adventure to date?

It’s not really the biggest adventure, but the biggest feat!  From 2002 to 2012 I walked with crutches following an accident that left me with a long term knee injury.  In 2010 I went on a photography holiday to Portugal on my own and during that time I discovered how much walking and how many hills I could actually conquer, eve with a crutch, camera in hand and large bag on my back.  During my time there I had the opportunity to climb the 12 foot sand dunes to photograph the storm weathered sand.  Even though it was a tough challenge, I was determined to get up there – and I was glad I did too!  It was that adventure and feat that took me from walking on crutches to the determination to get off them and hiking, so that is why I hold it in high esteem as one of my biggest adventures.  It opened up the possibility for the rest of them!

Tell us something about you that’s not related to the outdoors… if you can!

Oh gosh, well I am a crazy cat lady who has six fur babies (yes, I call them that!), Having a degree in Interactive Arts, I really enjoy doing arty and crafty stuff as well as a bit of DIY.  I am trained to teach Multi-skill construction so I can also plaster, do brickwork, joinery, plumbing and tiling which comes in handy when I can stay in to sort the house instead of going on outside adventures!

The Urban Wanderer


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