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Spring has finally arrived and we are pleased to announce the blog theme for May.

This month, nature-lover Jenni Tulip from The Thrifty Magpies Nest takes you on a tour of the birds nesting in her woodland. 

I love, love love May and I adore feeling the rays of the spring sun on my skin, hearing the delightful sound of the morning chorus in my ears and witnessing the abundance of New Life all around.

Wherever we look there are signs of New Life; tiny lambs skipping in fields, lush green leaves unravelling themselves from buds, blades of grass forcing upwards in gardens and the sides of roads and, if you are lucky, the sight of a baby bird being fed by its parents.

To inspire you to look at the signs of New Life around you, I’m taking you on a tour of some of the bird nests I have found in the woodland in which I live. Like baby owls and robins? Click play!


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Jenni TulipThe Thrifty Magpies Nest | @MissJTulip | Jenni is a Yorkshire girl who loves everything to do with the outdoors. She lives in a woodland surrounded my wildlife and is on a journey to a more sustainable life. Through her blog she aims to inspire others to enjoy the natural world around us. Jenni believes you don’t need to be an expert in nature, hold a mountaineering qualification or pay for the high tech gear to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

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  1. Neil Collins
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    Fantastic video Jenni; really enjoyed it! You’ve obviously spent a lot of time getting to know your local patch. I’m quite envious that you have all that gorgeous woodland as your back yard!

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