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Our 2018 camping weekend took place up in North Yorkshire at the end of April, and, as has become a bit of a tradition, we were able to put together a nice little goodie bag for our members who came along.

This year’s goodie bag was super cool, with a selection of great little bits and bobs from some of our favourite outdoors brands. We are very grateful to those who supported our event and allowed us to give a gift to those who booked on.

Outdoor Bloggers Goodie Bag

Let’s take a look inside (in no particular order!):

    • A Firepot meal-in-a-pouch by @eatoutdoorfood. I think most of us at the camp ate ours while we were there, and there were certainly the sounds of enjoyment coming from our member’s mouths! Find them here.
    • A classic reusable bottle from @SIGGUK, to make sure we stay hydrated without using single use plastic bottles. Find them here.
    • A yummy treat from the new range by @RealHandful. Perfect for hiking or breakfast or just when you’re a bit peckish, these bar-shaped treats are seriously yummy. Find them here.
    • Some trendy turmeric tea from @JoesTeaCo. This one split the crowd – some loved the warming spicy flavour, others found it just a bit too different to bog standard black tea. We’d highly recommend you try it for yourself. Find them here.
    • A healthy fruit snack from @FruitBowlFamily, which might be designed for kids in the main, but is a surprisingly fabulous sweet and sharp fruity hit ideal for anyone’s hiking picnic. Find them here.
    • A freeze dried instant noodle pot from @mrleesnoodles, which have the right combination of convenience and nutrition for a camping lunch. Find them here.
    • A reusable metal straw from @KleanKanteenUK. Outdoor Bloggers members are now doing their part to rid the world of disposable plastic straws. Do yours! Find them here.


  • A pair of Musto socks from @MarineSS_UK to keep our feet happy. I mean, happy feet = happy outdoors adventures! Find them here.
  • A three-month subscription to Ordnance Survey maps from @OSLeisure, to keep our members on the right path during their adventures this summer. Find them here.
  • And the bag itself was from @HiTecEurope, a simple and very light back pack which has the added benefit of packing into itself so you can take it as an extra whenever you’re off out. Find them here.

We were also able to offer our members a review trip at @Trevornick5Star, and there were competitions to win some rather awesome products from @KEENeurope and @rubbastuff. More on those another day.

Our goodie bags are a great opportunity to introduce our members to some great new and even classic products, and we are very grateful to all the brands who got involved.

Feel like you missed out?

Members – there will be an opportunity for you to win one of these goodie bags coming up really soon.

And outdoors brands, drop us a line to get in on the next event goodie bag or to work with us on something else.

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