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Our 2019 camping weekend took the form of a Spring Camp in the Cheddar area of the Mendips, and, as has become a bit of a tradition, we were able to put together a nice little goodie bag to hand out to our members who came along.

Without wanting to make the last few goodie bags feel bad, we happen to think that this year’s offering was the best yet. We had selection of great little bits and bobs from some of our favourite outdoors brands, many of which have been supporting Outdoor Bloggers for a number of years now. We are very grateful to those who supported our event and allowed us to give a gift to those who booked on.

Outdoor Bloggers Spring Camp Goodies 2019

Let’s take a look inside (in no particular order!):

  • The bag itself was a super useful 20 litre pack with hydration bladder from @HiTecEurope. A couple of our members even used this on our Cheddar Gorge hike during the camp – which is always a good sign. Find them here.
  • The Firepot meal-in-a-pouch by @eatoutdoorfood came in their brand new biodegradable packaging, the first such company to go down this route, and we definitely approve. I think most of us at the camp ate ours while we were there, and there were certainly the sounds of enjoyment coming from our member’s mouths! Find them here.
  • The freeze dried instant noodle pot is from @mrleesnoodles. They have the right combination of convenience and nutrition for a camping lunch. Find them here.
  • We got some trendy turmeric tea from @JoesTeaCo. This one split the crowd – some loved the warming spicy flavour, others found it just a bit too different to bog standard black tea. We’d highly recommend you try it for yourself. Find them here.
  • In the brown paper bag there was a three-month subscription to Ordnance Survey maps from @OSLeisure, to keep our members on the right path during their adventures this summer. Find them here.
  • Potentially the most useful goodie bag item in the history of goodie bags, this Vango long handled spoon was a gift from @OutdoorWorldDir. Find them here.
  • The best thing about camping are the campfires, but you always need to wash your outdoor gear afterwards! This @Stormcare Active Gear Wash and Reproof comes in aluminium packaging. Find them here.
  • The Helly Hanson Glasses String was a gift from @MarineSS_UK. Find them here.
  • Everyone loved the steel tumbler from @KleanKanteenUK. These are great for hot and cold drinks when camping – plastic free and very hard to break! Find them here.
  • These packets of yummy protein balls from @TheProteinBall came in all kinds of flavours and got devoured on our hike. Find them here.
  • The classic reusable bottles from @SIGGUK went down very well indeed; we could all stay hydrated without using single use plastic bottles, now and for years to come. Find them here.
  • The Joby GripTight POV mobile phone holder from @jobyinc is ideal for taking selfies or vlogging while on the move. Find them here.
  • And the final two items, both the battery charger and head torch, were from our friends at @GPBatteries_UK. Two very useful gadgets for outdoors lovers. Find them here.

In addition to the items pictured we were also gifted some V60 coffee drip sets (with coffee, naturally!) from @AdamsandRussell.

We love to run competitions on our camps, and for our 2019 camp we had prizes from @KEENEurope, in the form of a pair of lovely hiking boots, @OSLeisure, in the form of some paper maps, and @PyramidProducts, in the form of a SafeHydrate water bottle that filters out all the nasties so you can drink from any water source.

Thanks so much to all the companies and organisations that were kind enough to fill our goodie bag with useful and interesting things. 

These goodie bags are a great opportunity to introduce our members to some great new and even classic products, and we are very grateful to all the brands who got involved. We’ll soon be looking for brands who fancy working with us on our 2020 camp –

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